Molecular Diagnostics

BioFuture Consulting supports the following clients

-- CLIA labs providing liquid biopsy based oncology biomarker testing (pharma collaborations, worldwide laboratory partnering)

-- Companies developing ctDNA, CTC molecular diagnostic kits and reagents (formulation of go to market strategies)

-- Providers of drop-in reagents (licensing and OEM negotiations)

-- Manufacturers of automated molecular diagnostic platforms (pre-commercialization activities including market segmentation, product positioning, messaging, sales force education)


Drug Discovery

  BioFuture Consulting provides insights and implementation strategies to:

--  Drug discovery services clients (high throughput screening, lead optimization, structure based modeling, IND filing)

-  Drug discovery technology providers (chemistry, biology and compound storage platforms)  




Life Sciences Tools

BioFuture Consulting has a substantial track record in:

--   Instrument / consumables development, introduction launches and life cycle custodianship (synthesizers, separation technology, analytical instrumentation)

--  Reagents (catalog and OEM products)

--  Workflow and platform integration


Applied Synthetic Biology

Biofuture Consulting supports life sciences clients seeking collaboration programs with oil, power and agricultural companies to:

--  Metabolically engineer microorganisms (algae, bacteria) for biodiesel production and the conversion of petroleum byproducts such as glycerol to higher value intermediates

--  Metabolically engineer microorganisms for economically viable biochemical production