Greg Sabbatini is founder of BioFuture Consulting (San Diego, CA) and has 30 years of life sciences business development experience. Greg has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cape Town and a MBA from the University of California, Irvine.

He has been involved in life sciences startups and worked for corporations on 3 continents and his experience encompasses:

Molecular diagnostics
Structuring OEM and licensing Agreements
Liquid biopsy based oncology biomarker assays and testing
Streamlining CLIA accessioning workflows

Drug discovery instrumentation
Development and commercialization of combinatorial chemistry platforms in Europe and the USA.

Drug discovery services
Integrated pre-clinical drug discovery services in the USA and Europe. (HTS, lead optimization, ADME Tox, medicinal chemistry, structure based computational modeling).
Liason and collaboration oversight.

Life sciences instrumentation
Development and commercialization in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Life sciences reagents
Licensing, OEM negotiation, and sales management in the USA and Europe.

Synthetic biology
Applications in biofuels, bio-based products, and feedstock enhancement and development of prospective client and partner network in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Distributor and partner laboratory establishment
Identify and qualify prospective distributors and partners in sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Partner laboratories in Latin America and the Middle East.
Negotiate and execute Agreements
Distributor and partner network management

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